Is your website performing?

Does your website need a health check?

If you have just had a new website developed or are looking into having one built or improved there are several things that you should be aware of.

Does your website....

  1. Work in all browsers, ( eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
  2. Display correctly on all devices, such as desktop computers, tablets and moble phones. The latest sites are able to detect what device the user is viewing the site on and displays the site in the correct format.
  3. Work for visually impaired users so they can access the site using assistive technology (screen readers). Screen readers are what visually impaired users need to read out the words on the site for them. If the website is poorly designed or if essential bits are missing, such as descriptions about images, or pdfs are scanned, the users cannot understand the content. Colour blindness can also be an issue if bad colour choices are made.
  4. Get found on search engines such as Google. If your site is found on most major seach engines then your customers have a good chance of finding your site.
  5. and finally does it bring the customers in?

If we can help you improve the performance of your website or redesign your site to fit with the lastest web standards please contact us.